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The ever popular team event took place at West Cornwall and Tehidy Park Golf Clubs on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th April with 99 teams of 3 taking part. The weather was kind although the wind proved troublesome on the first day.

At West Cornwall on day 1, Paul Edgucumbe, John Davis and Graham Knowles from Downes Crediton/Exminster, managed 72 points to lead the way early on and this was matched by Steve Vieira, Andy Goves & Alan Blaikie. With the wind staying strong all day, these scores looked like they would be best in until the last few groups, two of which, Dean Tulley, Stephen Pollard and Gary Wal, and Ben Easterling, Lee Bushby and Phil Sedgeman, both scored an excellent 75 points. Both teams being based at West Cornwall so knowing the track well.

The wind also played a part at Tehidy Park, but it was the home team of Martyn & Rob Churchill with David Goldsworthy who lead early on with 75 points. However, Tehidy Park Captain, Peter Simmons, with Andy Beazley (Truro) and Jason Hampton (Stover) surpassed this with 76 and looked to be leading the field until the very last group, Rob Barnard, Justin Barnard and David Bailey, also from Tehidy Park, managed 78 points.

Day 2 saw a drop in the wind and the scoring began to improve. At West Cornwall, Carl & Dale Band with Justin Harrington scored a very impressive 82 points and this proved to be the best score of the day. Shaun Harvey, Dan Olver and Billy Couzens from St Austell amassed 77 points and this was followed by another St Austell team of Gary & Tim Warren with Damian Burgess who scored 78 points. Late starters, Martin Bullock, Ollie Brokenshire and Mark Blaber from Carlyon Bay managed 77 points to come 3rd on the day.

At Tehidy Park, Gary Stone, Andy Pelling and Simon Martin from Bude/Holsworthy managed 74 points as early starters with David Perry, David Inch and Ian Coutts of West Cornwall following close behind with 73. This score was matched by Ian Hodge, Mark Hughes and Phil Weaver (West Cornwall) and Keith Smallman, Ian Harry and Steve Richmond from Whitsand Bay. The score was popular as late starters Easterling, Bushby and Sedgeman also posted that mark but it was Tulley, Pollard and Wal who took the honours for the daily prize with a great 79.

The overall positions were tight with the 82 from Band, Band & Harrington putting them on a total of 149 that looked good. However, Harvey, Olver & Couzens 77 with their 73 from day 1 meant they totalled 150 to take the lead. Simmons, Beazley and Hampton only managed 73 with their first day 76 to fall 1 short of the leaders. However, Charlie Phillips, Nick Datson and Aaron Stephens from Newquay who were carrying forward 74 from day 1 at Tehidy Park, scored 76 on day 2 at West Cornwall to tie the lead. This left 2 team with chances to win on the course and Barnard, Barnard & bailey scored 74 to go with their winning 78 on day 1 for a 152 total and the lead but the 79 from Tulley, Pollard and Wal gave them an excellent total of 154 to win this year’s competition.

Afterwards there was considerable praise for the condition and presentation of both courses and for the quality of the food provided at both venues.

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